We offer in person face to face counseling sessions at our office location and virtual sessions via the VSee app and telephone.
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  1. Marriage/ Couples Counseling
    We work with couples who are in need of a range of services from overcoming infidelity, trust issues, trauma, child loss (grief), communication deficits and the like. Our goal is to build a solid relationship that will last a lifetime with tools, resources and mediation.
  2. Relationship Counseling
    Even before marriage, couples can experience tough circumstances that hinder that growth and flourishing of the relationship. Through guided counsel, resources and tools our couples are able to reap the benefits of being in healthy relationships.
  3. Individual Counseling
    Within individual counseling, individuals are able to work through a variety of issues such as grief, self esteem, addictive behaviors, anxiety and even lack of purpose or confusion in their lives. You are coded for greatness and counseling can unlock it.
  4. Premarital Counseling
    Premartial counseling covers the needs of each couple as well as addressing the the needs of most couples that are usually neglected but led to issues later within marriage.
  5. Spiritual Counseling
    Within spiritual counseling individuals are able to express their needs and desires within their spirituality and work through them. At RCS we specialize in Biblically based spiritual counseling to help give a faith based approach working through grief, depression, self esteem, lust, purpose, procrastination, meditation etc.
  6. Sex Therapy & Sexual Lusts
    Such counseling, as with others, requires privacy and compassion. Our goal is to help you identify its origins within your life as well as give you individualized tools, resources and strategies to successfully overcome.
  7. Counseling for Teens
    We believe in the power of helping our teens especially with the onset of so many pressures such as social media, school placement, divorce, race relations etc. All teen counseling must be done under the consent of a guardian.
  8. Inner Healing/Deliverance
    Unresolved past issues, experiences and pain can lead to adverse behavior that hinders our ability to move forward in life. If there are things that you feel have you stuck in one place or living a life that is beneath your ability/desire you may be in need of this therapy. *Based upon biblical beliefs.
  9. Life & Business Coaching
    Coaching is geared toward assessing your needs and breaking them down into chunks that lead you on the path of success. Businesses need systems in place to grow and generate profits and we provide that. Life needs an outside perspective to provide insight for positive change and growth.
  1. Group Counseling
    A group can be between 3-100 people all receiving a specific module of counseling. The process requires a conversation with the counselor on the perceived needs of the group, the counselor gives an assessment and counseling can begin. *Different pricing than other counseling/therapy modules.
  2. Family Counseling
    Family counseling entails the inner workings of the family, navigating blended families, coping with divorce, dealing with trauma and involves the parents or guardians as well as the children. Resources are provided to assist.
  3. Grief & Trauma Counseling
    In life we experience hardships, difficulties, and heartaches that affect us in a deep way. These experiences are so hurtful that they hinder your progress in life and thus need to be addressed. Grief counseling is conducted with care ensuring that the various stages of grief are addressed.


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